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Our Mission

At VFI, we are committed to increasing exposure to topics and careers in finance by serving as a hub and an educational resource for students across the University. Our vision is to create a community that empowers students to pursue their interest in finance regardless of their background, major, or prior experience. Through relevant coursework, workshops, networking events, and mentorship, we look to better position students to be competitive candidates for jobs in finance. 

General Body

VFI's general body membership is to increase exposure to current events in finance, potential employer events on grounds, and recruiting timelines. All interested University students are welcome to join as general body members through the VFI listserv (Join VFI at the top right). General body members gain access to VFI's weekly newsletter and are given the opportunity to attend both sponsored events and either of VFI's Analyst Programs. These sponsored events can include guest speakers, valuation & resume workshops, and various networking events. 

VFI Analysts

VFI offers two courses: The Introductory Program and the Advanced Program. Both programs do not have any application requirements to attend. It is meant to teach students interested in finance a rigorous understanding of business, accounting, and finance. General body members currently enrolled in or have completed either programs are considered VFI analysts. All analysts will have their resume added to the resume book.

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